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6 Incredible Tools Bringing New Activities for Educators & Students

Posted on by Leona Sharon


How long will teachers keep wiping the blackboards to start with a new lesson? How long will students keep bringing their bags loaded with books into classrooms? Well, the massive growth in technology has put an end to these age-old strategies because students as well as educators are now showing more enthusiasm towards installing apps and hence attending ed-tech classrooms for gathering new learning experiences.

So, here are a few of those learning tools that can help new age students and educators proceed in their respective jobs:

  •   Ipiccy – Being almost identical to Photoshop, this is an incredible learning tool that comes with intuitive editing control panels to let people access simple things like cropping, resizing, effects and filters. In fact, Ipiccy comes with layers like Photoshop that help individuals to create products with absolute professionalism. Uploading projects on social networking sites also seems easier with such a useful app.


  •   Padlet – Padlet comes in the form of a virtual board that comes with sticky notes which can however be erased, embedded and even shared. It’s more of a personalised app which you can use to organise notes as per your convenience. It comes with privacy and moderation settings that let teachers to post resources in a board from where students can access and share them later with others.


  •   Easel.ly – If it has been difficult for you to create infographic, Easel.ly will ease your job. With this tool, you will be offered a set of themes which you will be able to drag towards a blank canvas. In fact, this will be a fabulous tool for all those who are not proficient in achieving tech-based skills.


  •   Poll Everywhere – Being a familiar tool with teachers, Poll Everywhere has been built with HTML5 that can respond to any screen size. Through this app, it will be easier for teachers to create open ended questions as well as multiple-choice questions which students would be able to respond through text. This will keep students excited since they would be able to use their phones right in the classrooms.


  •   Thinglink – With this app, users would get the liberty to add any sort of content to images. For this, one just requires to click a spot on the image, add text and either a link to the website or an embed code for a video. Thinglink in other words is an incredible tool that can help both teachers and students in completing their respective projects in a more interactive and dynamic manner.   


  •   WeVideo – If there is any incredible tool that scores high in creating videos, it’s WeVideo. Teachers in fact would always find it an excellent tool for making students learn with more effectiveness through videos. Project-Based Learning (PBL) can be well initiated through WeVideo that would let students work together on a video project.


So, all those who have plans to enrol in an online course can now install these apps and use them to enhance their learning experiences. Educators can also make good use of these modernised tools that would rather help them in educating students in a new and unconventional manner.


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