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Japanese Government to Initiate 2 Community Projects to Improve Nigerian

Posted on by Leona Sharon

Japan continues to offer its helping hands to Nigeria for the latter’s development in the world of education. As per reports, the Japanese government has kept its word in sustaining the long-term partnership with Nigeria so that people there can improve their academic standards. The government had signed a grand contract of $224,560 for two community based projects – one based on education and the other based on agriculture.

Mr. Ryuichi Shoji, the Japanese Ambassador to Nigeria, said that the grants were all forwarded to both the sectors during the Grant Contract signing ceremony since the government of Japan is well aware of the fact that the future of Nigeria largely depends on its population which is currently inclined towards agriculture and education.

As far as the 1st project is concerned, it will comprise:

  • Constructing one school building
  • One borehole and one block of four toilets
  • Chairs and provision desks for both teachers and students in the Local Education Authority Primary School, Pagada 2
  • Love-N-Compassion Nigeria group will be implementing the Gwagwalada Area Council in the Federal Capital Territory

As far as the 2nd project goes:

  • The Millennium Farmers Association located in the Agyana community will be benefited the most
  • It focuses on improving the process of Cassava in the area by constructing one separate factory building for cassava processing. Fryer, hammer millers, hydraulic screw press and many other tools will also be provided

The farmers who work in Abaji will be able to ease their lives through the agricultural project. Where the total cost of the project comes to around $118,315, the equipment for processing cassava on the other hand will eliminate the physical labour of the farmers to a good extent. In fact, this would make them eight times more efficient in contributing well to their enhanced income.

The school construction project

The Pagada 2 primary school that falls under the school construction project comprises a single block of classroom where not more than ninety students can fit. With the implementation of the project, there would be new facilities given to students who would therefore be motivated to a good extent. As a result, they would be able to concentrate more on their studies.

Moreover, the Embassy is making plans for implementing nine projects altogether this year in diverse sectors that comprise:

  • Water and Sanitation
  • Primary Education
  • Primary Health and Agriculture

The scheme under which the implementation will be done is the ‘Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project’. Once done, several lives in Nigeria will be able to bring positive changes in their lives. The country has already achieved the status of having the highest online learning population in Africa, and this grand initiative would strengthen their confidence to compete with the developed nations.


(Source :bit.ly/1oob06k)

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www.superiorspaper.net 04/13/2016 11:27

Nigeria is the state of africa. The government of japan has introduced the programs of the community betterment and skillful living. It is done and advanced with the funds provided by the japanese. It is the proper and exact working of the home conditions of the state.