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Nigeria Holds the Highest Online Population amongst African Nations

Posted on by Leona Sharon

Finally, Nigeria has emerged to be the only African nation with the biggest online learning population. There was a time when the country had to face criticisms from all over the world in regard to their educational standards, and today, the country’s e-commerce industry has achieved heights. Oluwajoba Oloba, who is the head of projects and partnerships of Tutor.ng, said that Nigeria has undergone massive developments in the world of online education and this has taken their educational standards to such unprecedented heights.

Nigerian educational sector to revolutionise

According to Oloba, the education sector in Nigeria would be absolutely revolutionised by online education. In fact, the trend of mobile learning would bring major changes in the telecommunication industry which would allure more virtual learners from all over the world.

As per reports created by HumanIPO, online learning platforms in Nigeria are expected to allure over 20,000 users by the end of 2014. Oloba in this respect said, “Necessity is said to be mother of all inventions. The conventional education systems aren’t scalable and very convenient, so we need a system like ours to learn at the comfort of your homes”.

48.4 million users recorded for Nigeria’s online education

Mushroom Networks, a US based networking solution, also came up with statistics that Nigeria now takes pride in holding the highest internet population that comprises 48.4 million users. With the availability of GSM networks, telecommunications have been revolutionised and mobile phones have therefore been quite affordable. Education in Nigeria needs to be revolutionised in the similar manner so that students can find it convenient, affordable and most importantly portable.

Recently, experienced leaders of the educational sector were co-hosted by Etisalat Nigeria, one of the fastest growing Nigeria companies in telecommunications. Their intention was to make these leaders participate in such conversations that can bring out wise solutions. Rabi Isma, who is the Director, Leadership and Organisation Development of Etisalat Nigeria said that the organisation aims to sustain the growth of education-oriented initiatives that would help private as well as public sector meet together and share fresh ideas on how to tackle serious global challenges.

Adopting strategic approaches is important

Rabi said, “At Etisalat Nigeria, we believe that education is the bedrock of development. We are passionate about equipping today’s populace with the educational skills and knowledge required to ensure a sound future for Nigerians.” She rather believes that strategic approaches must be adopted instead of those that fail to contribute much for the education sector. If this can be done, the Nigerian education system would surely undergo massive improvements and the growth of online courses would reach new heights.


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