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No Odd can Sever One’s Will of Learning for Long

Posted on by Leona Sharon

Some of the recent incidents at global scenario emerged as evil efforts to restrict education. Very alarming it may sound, but such things are taking place. The U.S. Department of State and Office of Foreign Assets Control have instituted a restriction on Coursera for some issues of non-compliance, resulting in blocking its access to students in Syria and Iran. Justifying their step, Coursera recently released a statement which says, “Under [US export control regulations], certain aspects of Coursera’s course offerings are considered services and are therefore subject to restrictions in sanctioned countries, with the exception of Syria.”

Petty Interest Disturbs Noble Cause

But, does their statement at all justify their deeds? Propagation of education is a noble work. Until now, Coursera was doing a fantastic job by providing education among the people of many under-developed countries. But, due to some petty conflict of interest among the countries the process of mass enlightenment gets disturbed. With MOOCs offered by Coursera numerous under-privileged learners have been continuing the process of advancing their qualification until such shameful restriction.

Another peer of Coursera, Udacity may also face a block on account of non-compliance, which will be another blow on the expectations of many such learners who are really eager to learn, and who do not have enough resource to manage a full-fledged higher education with their meagre resources.    

Strike of Terrorism

In another reproachable incident, over 9,000 Arabic students have been found unable to graduate from various Nigerian institutions due to the Boko Haram insurgency. Most of these students have finished their academic studies but could not get their certificates because of their inability to do the acculturation programme at the Arabic Village. What does it imply? In an under-developed nation like Nigeria, where these 9,000 students would fill up the place of trained teachers in the country’s primary and secondary schools today, and these people would get their career going, terrorism has spoilt everything.

What Measures can be Taken?

The Minister of Education, Honourable Nyesom Wike has promised to fence school compounds to tackle further external disturbances on educational institutions. But, will this sort of measures be sufficient to deal with such problems? Until, government takes full initiative to subdue such rebellious occurrences that can pound their paws on noble affairs, a hazardless process of educating the larger society would remain an unfulfilled dream. At least, government can keep these malicious interferences away from educational spheres.

In many parts of the world, education today is threatened with manifold evils. It is also true that no hindrance can separate humanity from its right to get education for long. People will do anything to get his right properly exploited before it is too late. Yet, if only authorities take suitable steps at proper time the process would become more profitable and worth experiencing for countless people, who has incessant thirst for knowledge, but who do not have that resources to make it always possible on their own.  

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