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7 Ideas that May Prove Useful in Fight against Literacy Crisis in Developing

Posted on by Leona Sharon

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1cO6NRu

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1cO6NRu

Low literacy rate has turned out to be the global crisis affecting almost each and every one of us. In order to tackle the literacy-related issues, it is important that we understand the facts. Only then we can come forward, stand together and bring the change.

According to a prominent education website, about 16 percent of the world’s population are illiterate.

Of course, addressing the international learning crisis is not an easy cakewalk, rather full of complexities.

However, I have summed up a few ideas here that may prove crucial in dealing with the worsening literacy situation across the world.

Need to solve the global shortage of teachers – Access to quality education is vital to address the learning crisis. Teachers play key role in this. The pre-service education and support from NGOs in the professional development of teachers would surely help build able professional within countries. I have seen this in many countries, where NGO trained teachers are admired and valued by the schools. While under the training period, teachers are given plenty of experience of functioning with rural communities and in rural classrooms.

Get engaged – To boost the quality of education, engagement is necessary, whether that is parents-teachers, teacher-students or effective training of teachers. However, one should keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all technique for boosting the learning quality. Involvement should be tailored according to the needs of precise situations.

Raise the standing of teachers – Many people I talked to in developing countries in Africa preferred to join the Army than becoming a teacher, because the former offers more economically rewarding career. When prospective teachers get this message, it is obvious for them to move their career to another path. We should not be surprised if the cream of the crop show lack of interest in joining the teaching profession.

How school leads to jobs – What we need is to create a more articulated channel between schooling and the workplace. It may improve the odds dramatically. To do this, government can start national qualifications frameworks to express various skills and expertise accepted within the country.

Effective education improves the standing of whole community – Learning is not all about attending schools. In fact, in rural Niger, as communities started backing up schools, parents too realised the importance of being able to write and read. Such social awareness was seen within the communities, where school management committees were strong. It transformed the whole village into a learning community.

Qualifications should be taken as more than just pieces of paper – Teachers are given training not just for obtaining the certificates but for the significance. The stakeholders in education must find out ways to maintain the teachers in classroom. I would suggest stakeholders to develop the training framework in line with the country’s needs.

Mobiles have the ability to help with adult literacy – The education system from the past is in the root of literacy problems in a number of countries. It’s because of the old-school literacy programmes that millions of adults in the region find it hard to read or write. However, mobile phone could be seen with everyone. I suggest that e-learning should be introduced in the education system of many developing countries. As e-learning offers multiple benefits and the curses can be easily completed with the help of electronic gadgets like mobile devices, among others, it is easier for students to complete the online courses from anywhere in the world.

There is a need to solve the global literacy crisis and the above-mentioned ideas might bring a change in the current education condition in African as well as other developing countries.

Article Source: bit.ly/1dofPrP

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