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Distance MBA is Just Perfect for Corporate Aspirants in Nigeria

Posted on by Leona Sharon

Nigeria has already acknowledged the efficacy of distance learning to deal with the hazardous existing university system. The great potentiality among Nigerian students found resourceful refuge to international education standard. And, following the instructions of internationally recognised universities of educationally most advanced countries like the UK, the US etc, Nigerian students are pursuing the most attractive courses like management studies for promising career to themselves.

Employing the most updated technology in distance education Nigeria is advancing well towards a shining future with online education. Online studies for business management qualification is what Nigerian learners are hugely inclined on and finding it outstanding to pursue a course that can be so flexible to fit around their lives’ multifaceted commitments.

Freedom of Study Paves the Way to a Matured Mind

One of the most alluring factor of pursuing distance MBA programmes or other management degrees is the great liberty of scheduling that learner can enjoy as the part of their curriculum. As, they do not have to attend any fixed classroom timings they can provide to themselves such free times that they can easily transformed into relevant work involvement. Studying side by side the jobs or apprenticeships, this huge number of students is advancing themselves to the special feature in a candidate that every employer today looks for – experiential learning.

Resources are Saved for the Good

Nigeria is essentially a nation with very humble economic base. Most of the students here cannot afford on-campus studying at renowned international universities. Their management studies in online mode enable them to have the same standard of education in surprisingly low cost. As much as 60% of the course fees an on-campus MBA requires are saved when the students opt for online learning mode. Plus, they save on not availing staying in foreign land, transportation cost there, and so forth.

Experience is Generated Spontaneously

​Due to the absence of regular class routine Nigerian students enjoy a self-motivated management programme besides their real-industry knowledge. They can access to their course material whenever and from wherever they want, only with simple gadgets like laptop or tablet with internet connection. This gives them the freedom of learning and earning at the same time. But, on a greater note, this freedom allows them an enjoyment of learning by doing. Online MBA degrees often associate world business leaders who share their experience with the students and judge them through the project-based programmes assigned to them.

When Nigerian students pursue distance MBA programmes through eminent universities of the world, they get fellow students from every other corner of the world. They not only gradually form a great camaraderie in course of time, which serves as potential contact building for their future prospect, but also they involve in the live group discussions as the part of their course curriculum, helping them to analyse problem factors from different perspectives as well as cross-cultural angles. They can actually interpret an issue from versatile views which is typically essential for global business environment today.



Article Source:bit.ly/1il88UH, bit.ly/1fLEUd6


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