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Education Sector in Nigeria suffering in the Hands of Corruption

Posted on by Leona Sharon

As an educator, I’ve always been interested in the education system of developing countries as it is the only thing that can really help the country grow and progress into a better nation. Every individual who receives proper education, will, in one way or the other, contribute to its development. In the recent past, I have been following up a lot on the education system in Nigeria, and it really saddens me to see the current state of affairs.

Disturbing factors about the standard of education in Nigeria

I keep reading that many Nigerian students leave the country to complete their higher education. The reason for this brain drain is poor infrastructure, inadequate funds and lack of research material. Higher education needs these aids to provide quality knowledge acquisition and to hold on to their students. The institutions in Nigeria not well provided for and therefore, aren’t taken seriously by most students.

The students who are rich can afford to leave the country and attend some of the best colleges in the world but what about the rest of the population? Do they deserve to study in institutions that provide poor standards of education? Obviously not, Nigeria as a country, should work collectively to boost the standard of education in the nation, fleeing the scene, by sending children to institutions in other countries, will do anything but solve problems for Nigeria.

Challenges the education sector faces in Nigeria

I keep reading about the challenges the education sector faces in Nigeria. First of all, this sector is extremely corrupt and all the stakeholders in the sector, starting from school administrators, government, parents, lecturers and even students are a part of the problem. But the main part of the problems lies with the government. Just because the children of government and political office holders study abroad does not give the government the right to neglect one of the most important sectors in the country. It is their duty to make sure that the standard of educational institutions are top class and anything but neglected, but sadly, that is not the case.

The educators are corrupt and they should first make an effort to shun malpractices and bring back discipline. There are various devious acts that go on in the campus of colleges and universities. Educators are found collecting money from students, getting involved sexually with female students, etc., just to give them good grades. These are problems that should be nipped in the bud. However, as it takes two to tango, students as well as professors should be responsible enough to clean up their act and become disciplined, instead of engaging in frivolities. Students in Nigeria should focus mainly on their studies.


Another fact is that many of the tertiary institutions are not well funded and therefore, the government should take adequate measures to make sure that there are funds available in plenty. They should also make an effort to provide funds to build a strong educational infrastructure and provide educators with research grants.

If these points are not neglected, I am certain that the education system in Nigeria will improve and become a solution to all of Nigeria’s problems.

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Source: bit.ly/OZQGdJ

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